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Tropical Vibes : NFT collection

Tropical Vibes is a NFT collection of 40 images but will be launched more in the future. The series celebrates the diverse beauty of the world from a perspective never seen before of the Archipelago of Adang and Rawi in Thailand.


About the project

The first time I flew a drone, I felt like a child, curious, full of adrenaline and a sense of freedom, as if I were flying myself.

Accustomed to my mirroless camera, the possibilities that the drone offered me were immense. A totally different perspective to what I was used to, expanding the possibilities of my photography. One of them was to be able to reach places that I could not walk and from there was born the idea of creating a series of photos of the archipelago, of remote places that no one had seen before.

I wanted to be able to visit as many places as possible, covering the great amount of islands that this magnificent archipelago offers. I knew this was going to take me months, even years. The final idea was to be able to show the wonders of this place to the natives of this area and why not be able to help others to know it as well.

I didn’t know and I didn’t have a fixed date to finish this project but with the birth of the NFTs and the possibility of sharing photography in them, day by day I became more involved in the community until I saw the perfect opportunity to bring this project to life with the collections in OpenSea.

The first phase of the project has been 40 images but I want to expand the number of images and locations over time. The theme and motif will remain the same but I would like to expand the idea to other countries.

About the collection

Escape into a collection of tropical images taken in Thailand over the past five years.

Tropical Vibes focuses on the connection, contrast and balance of earth and water. Every season the coastline of these islands and sandbars shift with the tides, creating an ever changing landscape.

I have lived for almost two decades on these islands and each image holds a special place in my heart. 5% of all OpenSea profits will be donated to help the Urak Lawoi community, also known as the Sea Gypsies, who were the native inhabitants of this beautiful island archipelago.

Holders who collect four different 1/1 original images from this collection will be entitled to receive a free print of one of their images.


Collectors’ Perks

Project Roadmap


Check it out here


Finally, a huge thank you to each of the collectors. You all have given me an opportunity that I could never have dream of and I’m going to make sure to get the best out of it! My gratitude towards you would be beyond any words. Thank you changing my life.

I also created a discord server where you can see additional updates and additional perks which are not there in the poster announcing it privately. If you are collector feel free to DM to me

Film by Jabi Sanz

I have created this video in which you will be able to see many clips of the images used in the collection. A video that has taken me more than 4 years of recording. In which surely if the images in the collection have not been enough to transmit you the Tropical Vibes this video will do it. Many hours of work to select the clips and join them together to put them all together, choose the music, everything, to be able to transmit those feelings to the viewer.

Last but not least, I do also have 1/1 art work at Foundation app, a totally different style from this collection. My own vision of landscape photography. Feel free to have a look if you interesting and remember one of these pieces can be yours for free, if you are one of the collectors.

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