Private and Custom Lessons

Available online lessons via Skype and Photography lessons on field. From shooting settings in camera to post-processing workflow at home.


After contacting me, we will choose together the best kind of personalized lesson that best suits your needs.

We’ll talk about what your knowledge is, what kind of photos you want to process… You’ll send us a selection of photos t o work on it or if you prefer we can work with mines and with all that information we’ll start working.

All the lessons will be in a live screen on Skype, the lessons will be recorded on video and then sent via e-mail to the client, so you will have the chance to watch the video of your lesson at any time.
Complete development of photography from the RAW file to the final conversion to JPEG for the web.
I offer my advanced knowledge in the use of Adobe programs such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Camera Raw and Plugins like Nick collection and Luminar.

Here are some of the basic techniques we will use:
multiple exposure blending, time blending, luminosity masks, color grading, dodge & burn, light modeling, sharpness and sharpness techniques for web.

Below you can see some images before and after my post-processing techniques

Before Into The Dark
Before The Badlands of Navarra
Before Morant's Curve
Before The Dragon Tail Arnia
Before The Rice Terrace


After discussing the above, we will choose the day that best suits our calendar.

I will teach you how to use all the parameters of your camera in advanced mode, how to read the histogram correctly, take multiple exposures, focus stacking, flare management, focus point, rule of thirds, and I will also show you how to use and when the filters, and other tools on request.

I will explain to you how to use nature’s elements to create sophisticated photographs
and how to exploit interesting climatic situations in your favor.
I will also teach you how to study and create effective, powerful and artistic photographic compositions that will give a strong impact to your images.

Every detail of this lessons are completely customizable according to your needs, with an average of 2 hours for the first lesson and depending on your knowledge it will give us time to edit one or two images.

You’re one step away from getting the pictures you’ve always dreamed of. Are you going to miss it?

For more information about lesson or for book a photo tour, contact me!

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