In this mini tutorial I will show you how to stitch together a panorama photo using different techniques with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It is easy to make panorama photos with adobe lightroom and photoshop. No matter if it is a panorama containing several rows and layers or just a vertical panorama the workflow is the same.

Import the images to lightroom or camera RAW, put the panorama together and make the basic adjustments to the brightest photo. After that apply the same settings to all of the images. Now with all images sync we are ready to stitch the panorama together. Select all photos, click right button on the mouse and Photo merge > panorama

This will open another screen (see on the second image above) select Spherical projection and click merge.

This will create a new image than will be the one we will open on Photoshop.

Now we will use different techniques to stretch the image and fill the white spots on the corners and we’ll crop it out the way we like it best. With the warp freescale tool we will stretch the cornes. be careful with this powerful tool. If you stretch to much the image will lost quality specially on the corners.

Now even if Lightroom did a pretty good job, have some problems on the horizon. See on the images below

With the clone stamp and a selection of the area, we will fix that problem. There is also another way or another great tool we can use to fix this problem. Is call liquify. Do you know it? Have you use it before? Will explain everything on the video so don’t be worry, is very easy to use.

Now we are ready to continue and start with the post-processing of the image. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

Hope you like this mini tutorial.

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Jabi Sanz

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